Live Online Courses

Live online courses are interactive, self-paced training that you can complete at your own pace. You'll learn from the comfort of your home or office and receive instant feedback on each step of the way. Live courses include interactive discussions with instructors and students over video conference.

Live Online combines the structure of being in a traditional classroom with the flexibility of studying from home or anywhere that you might be. You join timetabled live lectures online, and talk to tutors during the class for live feedback (via a chat panel)

What do i need to start?

A smart device and a good internet connection will come in handy, Some appliactions such as zoom or Google Meets might need to be installed on your device You don't need any previous knowledge of the language to get started; all we ask is that you're willing to work hard!

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More about live online courses

Live online classes are synchronous events organized in a live virtual meeting room where students and teachers meet together to communicate with voice, video, whiteboard. Live online classes require students and instructors to be online at the same time. Meetings and lectures occur at the same hour. All attendees must be online and connected to the internet at that specific hour.