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Russian is a Slavic language with about 140 million speakers. It is the official language of Russia and Belarus, and one of the four official languages of Ukraine (alongside Ukrainian, Polish, and English). Russian also has significant minorities in other countries around the world.

It is a Slavic language, belonging to the Indo-European family. It descends from Old East Slavic (OES) which was spoken by many different tribes between 9th and 15th centuries AD. The modern version of Russian developed during the period known as “The Golden Age” (15th - 17th century).

The alphabet used for writing Russian looks very different from English or other Western alphabets. The letters look similar to each other but some of them are quite strange-looking, where by it uses the Cryllic alphabet.

What do i need to start?

You can start from wherever you want - whether that's having just started learning Russian or being a more advanced learner. You don't need any previous knowledge of the language to get started; all we ask is that you're willing to work hard!

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Why learn Russian?

Our course is designed for those who want to learn the basics of the Russian language, from A-Z. It's not just about learning how to read or write in this course; it's about understanding what you're reading and writing so that you can communicate effectively with native speakers of the language.