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Kinyarwanda is an official language of Rwanda and a dialect of the Rwanda-Rundi language spoken in Rwanda, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjacent parts of southern Uganda (where it is known as Rufumbira). The language is essentially universal throughout Rwanda, where the population as of October 29, 2021, elaborated from United Nations data, was estimated at 13,375,738.

The mutually intelligible Kirundi dialect is the official language of neighbouring Burundi. Kinyabwisha and Kinyamulenge are the mutually intelligible dialects spoken in North Kivu and South Kivu provinces of neighbouring DR Congo.

Kinyarwanda is one of the four official languages of Rwanda (along with English, French and Kiswahili) and is spoken by almost all of the native population. That contrasts with most modern African states, whose borders were drawn by colonial powers and do not correspond to ethnic boundaries or precolonial kingdoms.

What do i need to start?

You can start from wherever you want - whether that's having just started learning Kinyarwanda or being a more advanced learner. You don't need any previous knowledge of the language to get started; all we ask is that you're willing to work hard!

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Why learn Kinyarwanda?

Learning to speak Kinyarwanda will improve your communication skills with people from all over East Africa and beyond. You can use it for business or pleasure - you'll always be able to communicate with someone who speaks the same language!