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The German language is a West Germanic language spoken mainly in Central Europe. It is spoken by about 100 million people in Germany and Austria, mainly in the area of the former East Germany, as well as neighboring areas in Poland and Switzerland.

It is the second most widely spoken native language in the European Union after English, and the third-most widely spoken native language in the world (after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish). The German speaking countries are Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

German is one of the four official languages of the European Union (the other three being English, French and Italian). It also has co-official status alongside English in certain international organizations such as UNESCO.

What do i need to start?

You can start from wherever you want - whether that's having just started learning German or being a more advanced learner. You don't need any previous knowledge of the language to get started; all we ask is that you're willing to work hard!

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Why learn German?

It is very important for any student or person who wants to visit Germany to learn german, because this language has many advantages. One of them being, if you want to get a job in Germany, then this is the best way for you. You can easily find jobs in Germany with the help of your knowledge of the German language. If you want to travel around Europe then this is also come's in handy, it is also helpfull when visitng other countries where German is an official language.

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